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We are introducing something new—an advice column inspired by your questions about problems, all kinds of problems: psychological problems, marital problems, siblings problems. You name it, and I will assist you in finding solutions to these problems or refer you to the right professional who can assist you.

I have worked as a psychotherapist, family counsellor, alcohol and drug abuse counsellor, and college-level psychology teacher (for almost 15 years). I am now retired. I will earnestly try to understand your situation, empathize with you in your dilemma; and then create a plan or a set of suggestions with which you can proceed. Of course, your name will not be published; I will use expressions such as “angry father” or “sad aunty” to identify the letter; not names, nor locations. Furthermore, I have signed a Confidentiality Agreement with Jewish Seniors Alliance; you will remain anonymous.


The statements and opinions stated in this column are not intended to replace the professional advice of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, notaries and accountants. They are intended as guidelines only; please consult your professional caregivers and consultants.

My hope is that you will learn a thing or two, and you will enjoy the process of following the questions and my answers.

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