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Elders Empowering Elders 2015-16


This 2015-2016 year the JSA-Snider Foundation Empowerment Series continues with the theme “The Three E’s: Elders Empowering Elders”, and empower you by warming your heart as well as stimulating your brain.

Tell me a story, please…

…which one of us has not made this oft repeated request, of a mother, a father, a zaydeh or bubbie?

On Tuesday, on Oct.30th 2015, almost 70 people gathered at the Peretz where they were warmly welcomed by Peretz President, Gene Homel who listed some of the activities which can be found at the Centre; namely – B’Nai Mitzvah and Family Education program, adult Yiddish classes as well an upcoming banquet in honour of I.L. Peretz, the celebrated Yiddish author after whom the Centre was named and who passed away 100 years ago in July 1915.

It was interesting to me-a person who still enjoys using the ‘original computer’- namely the pencil- which has at one end a device which can print words and at the other end something which can erase them -interesting -that I was about to attend a workshop entitled “Technology: Give us the Tools to Finish the Job.”

On Wednesday, January 27 2016, 100 people gathered at the JCC Wosk Auditorium where the JSA, in partnership with the JCC, had invited 3 experts in the field of technology to impart their accumulated knowledge as part of the second session in the series of the JSA Snider Empowerment Workshops.

On March 3rd, seventy-five people arrived at the Jewish Seniors Alliance workshop at the JSA headquarters in the Hewlett Centre. They were eager to learn how to ‘DOWNSIZE and not AGONIZE’ – the title of speaker Ranka Burzan’s first book on ridding our homes and lives of clutter. It is what most of us wish to do, but what causes agony for many; the overwhelming thoughts that plague us of not knowing how to or where to get started that prevent us from attempting the monumental task of downsizing.

Sunshine and song greeted the 120 people gathered to enjoy the BBQ lunch and watch the sensational JCC Showtime on Monday June 27th at Beth Tikvah. Toby Rubin, Executive Director of Kehila, welcomed everyone, explained the agenda and proceeded to highlight two of her outstanding volunteers.

Stacey Kettleman, who at one time had been co-president with Toby Rubin, was presented with a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation. Sylvia Yasin, a 90 year old dynamo who had directed the setup of the whole room, was also singled out as an exceptional volunteer.

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