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Peer Support Graduation

Peer Support Graduation: Seniors Helping Seniors

JSAGV has been instrumental in developing several initiatives and programs to meet the needs of seniors, all of which provide emotional support. Our peer support services stress self empowerment, volunteerism and seniors helping seniors. A win-win situation exists when seniors are both the client and the volunteer.

Affordable and accessible peer support services are essential for all seniors and these services are confidential and at no cost. All our senior trained volunteers before they see anyone or help anyone, go through an intense scrutiny as to their character, and their present and past

Each volunteer for peer support after being accepted to be trained makes a commitment of a minimum of one year as a volunteer and is trained for a total of 55 hours in both oral and role playing methods in order to help their fellow senior. The same kind of training although shorter hours apply to our Friendly Visitor Program, our Phone Calling Program, and our Ambassador program.

For more information about how you can become a Certified Peer Support Volunteer

or Friendly Visitor call 604-267-1555.

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