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JSA-Snider Foundation

Empowerment Series

The Empowerment series provides four mini-workshops and/or educational seminars on topics that are informative and meaningful for seniors.

The events are free of charge and, in order to ensure maximum access, they are held in diverse venues throughout the Lower Mainland.

Each year a different theme is decided on by Jewish Seniors Alliance members, and a consortium of community partners.













As with all Jewish Seniors Alliance activities, the Empowerment series is promoted in the media, at community centers, libraries and other locations where Jewish seniors may congregate.

The Empowerment series’ various segments are very well attended by both Jewish and non-Jewish seniors. Aside from gaining new information, participation in the workshops allow Seniors to either solidify established supportive networks or to create new social contacts. Studies show that active social involvement has the capacity to improve individual health and quality of life. The Jewish Senior Alliance encourages each senior to reach his/her own capacity and to remain active in the community. Although the organization has a firm belief in inclusion, it celebrates differences.

While information and education are the main objective of the Empowerment series, the social aspects are of equal importance. Our organization’s celebration of differences in no way diminishes our commitment to inclusion. All JSA activities are designed to lessen social isolation and to promote community involvement. Thus ample time is allowed for relaxation, exchanging of ideas and general interaction. Refreshments are served after each event. The extra time also encourages the participants to complete the session’s evaluation form, which is distributed at the end of the program, and to forward any recommendations for future seminars. No charge is levied for any of these programs.

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