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The Jewish Seniors Alliance is a firm believer in disseminating new information and revisiting/updating already existing knowledge. The Organization is fully aware that learning is a life-long process, and that knowledge is a road that leads to self-actualization. Thus, JSA coordinates and delivers two major Forums each year on topics that are of specific interest to seniors. Each year a different theme is decided on by Jewish Seniors Alliance members and a consortium of community partners.

In order to achieve maximum access the forums are – either free of charge, or a minimal admission of $5 is charged to cover the costs of nutritious refreshments, which are subsidized.

The venue is wheel-chair accessible, located on a major bus-route, and has ample, secure parking.




The intention of the Spring Forum is to provide information and education by presenting subjects that are informative and educational and creating subjects and panels of specialists to present on the topic chosen.

The setting is elegant, thus giving the opportunity for those attending to socialize and make new friends. Various subjects like “Ask the Doctors”, “Sex and the City”, “Brain Smart”, and “All in the Family: Three Generations Speak Out” have been used to bring the attention of the educational content of the presentation as well as to try to attract seniors from 55 PLUS to these forums. As usual those attending the forums are asked to fill out evaluation forms and to suggest ideas for future forums.


2022 With a Song in My Heart

Heavy rain and cold weather welcomed JSA’s Spring Forum that took place at Peretz Centre. But the title With a Song in my Heart was more than fitting and filled the audience with warmth…

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2021 Can I Trust That?

“Can I Trust That: Evaluating Health Information Online” was the theme of the Virtual Spring Forum on March 21st 2021…

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2019 Masks Revelation and Selfhood

“Masks, Revelation and Selfhood” was the theme of the Spring Forum sponsored by the Jewish Seniors Alliance and the Louis Brier Home and Hospital…

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2018 Ageism, Advocacy and Activism

The annual Jewish Seniors Alliance Spring Forum was held on Sunday, May 13th at the Peretz Centre. Despite the fact that it was Mother’s Day, 70-80 enthusiastic attendees enjoyed a lively afternoon presentation and discussion…

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2017 Ask The Doctors

One hundred and twenty people arrived at the Peretz Centre on Sunday May 7th to attend the Jewish Seniors Alliance Spring Forum “Ask The Doctors”. Dr. Saul Isserow and Dr. Larry Goldenberg were the featured guests and were ready to answer the many anticipated questions…

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2016 An APP A Day

Dr Ho, charismatic and confident, said he was turning to mobile apps as a way of helping patients help themselves. In a newly launched project “Health eApps” with the tag line ‘Improve your Health in a Mobile Minute’…

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2015 You Only Live Once

The choices we make actually act to decrease our quality and length of life. What are you doing today? What are you doing enough of? What are you doing too much of?

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2014 Retired/Re-Wired

How will you live the rest of your life? Will you wonder what happened? Watch what happened? or Make things happen? Our focus this year is ‘Navigating the Future’ through ‘All ages and All Stages’.

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Three Generations Speak Out” Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter. 
-Brad Henry

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Jewish Seniors Alliance Greater Vancouver Annual Spring Forum Brain Smart

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Jewish Seniors Alliance Greater Vancouver Annual Spring Forum Sex and City

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The Fall Symposium usually delves into advocacy matters. Concerns in regards to the welfare of the seniors are the main topics for these symposiums. Subjects like “Representation Agreements”, “Community Forum in Response to Elder Abuse”, “Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother: Negotiating power shifts between aging parents and their adult children”, “Seniors Care in Crisis: Avoiding the revolving door”, “Aging for Dummies: The J’oys and the Veys’”.

The intent is to attract seniors from all communities. Because the Fall Symposia deal with serious subject matter, the environment is of a more formal nature. Theatre seating is used and refreshments are available after the proceedings. The atmosphere is intense and serious. As usual, special attention is given to encouraging the completion of evaluation forms which are given out during the refreshment period.


2022 Aging in Place

On December 4th Jewish Seniors Alliance presented their Fall Symposium, “Aging in Place: Gerontology Research in Community Living”. The speakers, Rochelle Patille, Cari Randa, and Boah Kim, as well as the moderator, Eireann O’Dea, are all graduate students in Gerontology from Simon Fraser University…

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2021 Triumphs and Trials Using Technology

At the Fall Symposium of Jewish Seniors Alliance on November 21, Dr. Kristen Haase, Assistant Professor of Applied Science/School of Nursing, at University of British Columbia, and Dr. Megan O’Connell, Professor of Geriatric Psychology, at the University of Saskatchewan, presented their findings in the study of “Social Isolation among Older Adults “during the pandemic…

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2020 How Well do Treatments Prevent Covid-19

The Jewish Seniors Alliance Fall Symposium took place Sunday, November 22nd. The topic of the guest speaker, Dr. James McCormack, was How Well Do Treatments Prevent Covid-19, Shingles, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Anything Else that Might Ail You?

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2019 Privacy and Security in the Internet Age

Jewish Seniors Alliance (JSA) and the Council of Seniors Citizens Organizations of B.C. (COSCO) sponsored JSA’s annual Fall Symposium on Sunday November 3rd at the Peretz Centre…

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2018 Aging Across Cultures

It had been an emotion-filled weekend, and having our JSA program deal with inclusivity while the Jewish communities everywhere dealt with the horrors of what hatred can do, seemed to have been a strange pairing, but with healing properties…

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2017 Preparing for End of Life Transitions

The Jewish Seniors Alliance Fall Symposium was held on Sunday, October 29th, at the Vancouver Peretz Centre.  One hundred and sixty enthusiastic participants came together to hear about and discuss “Preparing for End of Life Transitions”…

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2016 Rethinking Aging

On Sunday November 6, 175 people gathered at the Peretz Centre to hear the lecture on “Rethinking Aging–Not the Traditional Nursing Home Grandma Lives In” featuring Dan Levitt with his new approach…

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2015 Living Up To The Promise. Now What?

I PROMISE YOU” words often said to bring comfort or hope, to a child, a parent, to someone in need, or to oneself! A crowd of 125 had gathered on Sunday, Nov.15 to learn how to fulfill a promise they had made to live ‘well‘ into one’s later years.

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2014 Mental Health and Wellness

How many of us have uttered the words “I must be losing my mind” when confronted by a thought, a deed for which we needed to take responsibility?

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2013 Live to 120: Thriving

Medications can be lifesaving, however the abuse of medication i.e. polypharmacy is endemic within the senior population.

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The Jewish Seniors Alliance will hosted their Fall Symposium on Sunday October 21, 2012, at 2pm at the Unitarian Centre, 949 West 49th

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Once more we have proof that seniors RULE! Under our silver hair there are years of experience and knowledge.

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