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President’s Message

Jewish Seniors Alliance is now ten years old. It is a good time for looking at what we have accomplished during these ten years, as well as how we have performed during our fiscal 2012 -13. Verdict–wonderful! We have had an outstanding year of accomplishments. We are now able to say that our programs are directed mainly in three areas: Outreach, Advocacy and Peer Support Services.


  • By mrd on September 21, 2014
    The outreach program has been outstanding. The Spring Forum “All in the Family”, co-chaired by Ken Levitt and Jennie Virtue went well and produced excellent opportunities for improvement.
  • By mrd on September 21, 2014
    Advocacy has always played a crucial role in our organization. We have developed good working relationships with other community groups. We focus on disseminating information, as well as reacting to the changes that are occurring almost daily in decisions made by municipal, provincial and federal governments.
  • By mrd on September 21, 2014
    Highlights: Peer Support Services
    JSA’S most recent and probably the most important development has been the starting of peer support services through Peer Counselling, ‘Shalom Again’ Phone Calls, Home Visits, Information and Referral, and Driving to Medical Appointments.
  • Year in review. By Binny Goldman

    By mrd on September 25, 2014

    image8Reflection and projection prevailed, as a decade of dedication to the Jewish community was celebrated by the Jewish Seniors Alliance of Greater Vancouver at its annual general meeting on June 27.




About Rita Akselrod

By Nina Krieger, Executive Director, Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Good evening, it is my honour this evening to pay tribute to the extraordinary accomplishments of Rita Akselrod, and the volunteer work she has done in service of seniors in our community.

Rita’s contributions are many – almost too many to list. She is co-founder of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers of BC, she has served on the board of Louis Brier Home and Hospital and facilitated a grief support group for the Jewish Family Service

Rita was honoured on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Ottawa and received Honourary Canadian Citizenship for Holocaust survivors who contributed to Canadian life through remembrance and education. She is also the recipient of the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for voluntary community and humanitarian service.

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2-photo_FrankBinki-Segal-225x300About Frank and Bat-Ami Segal

By Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan, spiritual leader Or Shalom

Frank and Bat-Ami Segal quietly hold up so much of Or Shalom. Bat-Ami is our heart centre and Frank is our physical centre.

Bat-Ami co-chairs the Gemilut Chesed (acts of lovingkindness committee), keeping track of everyone who needs some extra personal and emotional support. She is a member of ritual committee, and helps organize Shabbat services; in the past she has organized women’s study groups and co-led creative women’s ritual.

Frank is chair of the Bayit (house) committee. He keeps track of building needs, performing minor repairs and coordinating major upgrades. He also leads the weekly men’s Torah study.

Most of the time, Frank and Bat-Ami prefer not to be recognized publicly for their contributions, but enjoy seeing the difference they make in the community. At Or Shalom, everyone looks at Frank and Bat-Ami and thinks, “That’s who I want to be when I grow up.”

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3-photo_Bud-Riback1-225x300About Bud Riback

By Rochelle Garfinkel, Executive Director Temple Sholom
Our 60 Plus group is thriving under Bud’s leadership. It is thriving because Bud is inclusive – he makes sure that new people are always invited and welcomed to the meetings, he consistently plans engaging and interesting programs, he invites speakers who have expertise in a wide range of disciplines, and last but not least, Bud, is very specific about the quality of food. The sum of these parts are greater because Bud is worker not a talker. He is role model – and ensures that the Senior members of our congregation contribute in an appropriate way. He also makes sure that the seniors in our community are not forgotten.

Under his guidance a small group of seniors from Temple Sholom organize and attend a tea party at The Louis Brier home for the aged. This is a special tea party – that invites and includes Temple Sholom members that are currently living at The Louis Briers and The Weinberg Centre.
He has a very deep and personal connection to the synagogue state of Israel and to the Jewish community as a whole.

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