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Positive and Beneficial Roles of Volunteerism for Older Adults

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Positive and Beneficial Roles of Volunteerism for Older Adults

After working for many years I was looking forward to retirement. My life had always been busy, and like many women I had juggled raising a family and establishing a career. This would be the time when I could read, work in the garden, do some traveling and at times just sit and do nothing. During the first year… Continue Reading…

VolunteerWhy Do We Volunteer?

Volunteers are those who offer service of their own free will, without being asked. This is the traditional, altruistic way of perceiving a volunteer. In this pristine sense one should not expect a reward, favour or show of gratitude. Most people who volunteer do so because they are making a contribution to society in some way. Others volunteer…Continue Reading…

A Dog Story: Marian Cohen and her Dog Molly

My name is Marian Cohen and my dog is named Molly. Molly is a very calm and delightful Shih Tzu ‘rescued’ and adopted by my husband and me seven years ago when she was just over two years old. We were told by the organization that brought her to Vancouver that she had been having puppies at a puppy mill in northern BC…Continue Reading…