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» 1. Alzheimer’s Society of BC

» 2. Bayshore Home Health

» 3. BC Housing

» 4. BC Seniors Advocacy Network

» 5. Canadian National Institute for the Blind

» 6. Council of Seniors Citizens Organizations of BC (COSCO)

» 7. Greater Vancouver Community Services Society

» 8. Home and Health-Care Society of BC

» 9. Jewish Seniors Alliance

» 10. Parkinson Society of BC

» 11. Stroke Information, Recognition and Resources

» 12. Stroke Recovery Association of BC

» 13. Synergistic Solutions Inc.

» 14. The People’s Law School

» 15. Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

» 16. VCH Caregiver Support Program

» 17. Vancouver Native Housing

» 18. Vancouver Public Library Outreach Services

» 19. Vancouver Public Library Outreach Services Branch

» 20. Vancouver Second Mile Society

» 21. Western Institute of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

1. Alzheimer’s Society of BC

Alzheimer’s Resource Centre – 300-2425 Quebec Street
(604) 675-5150
Chinese Resource Centre 203B – 10 East Pender Street
(604) 687-8299

Education & Workshops: ongoing programs are offered to clients, caregivers, and support service providers
Physical Wellness.:
Minds in Motion Program
Language Specific:
print resources available in various languages

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2.  Bayshore Home Health

1843 West Broadway
Anne Marie McCamley, Area Director (604) 739-7454  Ext 130

Outreach: Home Support Service – provide in-home assistance with personal care, housekeeping, respite care, companionship and other nursing delegated functions to seniors in the community

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3. BC Housing

Education & Workshops: arrangements may be made for education workshops to better inform housing providers and support service agencies throughout the province
Language Specific:
print resource materials available in several languages
variety of independent and. supported housing ,options available to older adults based on need and availability

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4.  BC Seniors Advocacy Network

– 704-333 Terminal Avenue
(604) 684-8171

Outreach: advocacy training sessions for groups of people working with seniors and people who advocate for seniors in their lives
ation & Workshops: advocacy training, including information on Ministry of Health and health authority legislation and regulations
support and advocacy provided

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5. Canadian National Institute for the Blind

100-5055 Joyce Street
(604) 431-2121

Outreach: many services are designed to assist various needs in support of older adults vision loss
Peer Support:
peer support happens on many levels depending on the area of service required
Food Security:
outreach services assist with kitchen management of foods for adults who are sight impaired
Culturally Specific:
some services may be matched with culturally appropriate volunteers when/if available

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6. Council of Seniors Citizens Organizations of BC (COSCO)

Sylvia Mcleay, COSCO President
(604) 921-7823


Transportation: advocacy with BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation, various transportation related policy development venues
20 — 90 minute workshops focused on health promotion & accident prevention
Education & Workshops:
peer counselling and advocacy workshops
Language Specific:
some workshop materials translated in various languages Housing: advocacy at policy level
City Wide:
mandate andwork is provincial and national

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7.  Greater Vancouver Community Services Society

500-1212 West Broadway
(604) 737-4900

Outreach: Services are provided by a team of Home Support Workers through the auspices of VCHA
& Referral: Registered Nurses provide specific resources appropriate to client need
Physical Wellness:
services support. and respect client need to age in place with dignity and respect, personal care is a focus
Culturally Specific:
When/as required
Language Specific:
When/as required

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8.  Home and Health-Care Society of BC

204-3077 Granville Street
(604) 733-6614

Education & Workshops:Wellness Workshops (ie. Heart Health, Diabetes Health)
Physical Wellness:
Family Respite Centre, Health Promotion Services
Food Security:
Meals on Wheels
Culturally Specific:
Chinese Meals on Wheels
Community Integration Program

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9.  Jewish Seniors Alliance

949 West 49th Avenue
(604) 732-1555

Outreach:Outreach Seniors Services throughout Lower Mainland
advocacy and support provided

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10.  Parkinson Society of BC

600 – 890 West Pender Street
Diane Robinson, CEO

Jennifer Foster, Director of Education and Support Programs

(604) 662-3240

Outreach: Community Outreach includes working with local support groups, presenting to and developing partnerships with local communities and healthcare professional organizations, coordinating regional Parkinson’s meetings and conferences
Information & Referral: information and referrals from individuals with Parkinson’s and their caregivers throughout BC, education and support services projects and works on a part-time basis, Wednesday to Friday each week, Viewpoints is a quarterly newsletter providing up-to-date information on scientific research, medication, care giving, nutrition and other relevant topics
& Workshops: caregivers information for family members, friends, health care professionals
Peer Support:
support groups are available
Specific: volunteers available for translation
referrals to BC Housing

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11.  Stroke Information, Recognition and Resources

National CPR Association
2202 S Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Telephone: (800) 277-8193

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12.  Stroke Recovery Association of BC

301-1212 West Broadway .
Jill Jukes,  Regional Manager, Lower Mainland 
Text/Cell: 604-349-3717,  Office: 604-688-3603 ext. 6205

Outreach:Stroke Recovery Programs: Mobility, Communication and memory, Social interaction, Peer support, Support caregivers, Stroke Awareness, System navigation
& Referral: stroke-related information
& Workshops: Life after Stroke
Physical Wellness
: exercise and mobility for stroke survivors
Peer Support:
peer support for stroke survivors
City Wide:
7 branches in Vancouver

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13. Synergistic Solutions Inc.

Information & Referral: linking service providers and community developers with senior demographic information for strategic planning initiatives
& Workshops: customized adult education awareness programs/workshops, facilitation services, capacity development services including organizational in-service and diversity training mentoring services and workshops
advocacy and relocation services for families and caregivers

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14.  The People’s Law School

900 Howe Street
Terresa Augustine, Executive Director
(604) 331-5400

Information & Referral: public legal education and information for citizens, available in workshop, print, online and multi-media formats
Language Specific:
some resources available in multiple languages

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15.  Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

1607 East Hastings Street
Susan Tatoosh, Executive Director
(604) 251-4844

Laura Wilson, Elders Coordinator (604)251-4844,

Outreach: connecting members to community
Physical Wellness:
Pow Wow sessions, Git-haytsk dancing group, Metis Gig dancing
Peer Support:
NA meeting and AA meetings
Food Security:
Wednesday luncheon for members
Culturally Specific:
Westcoast Nights – Pow Wow evenings for the whole family Language Specific: House of Culture
Transformative Justice is a tenant in the Aboriginal centre

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16. VCH Caregiver Support Program

Sarah Galuska, Coordinator, Caregiver Support Program
(604) 877-4699

Information & Referral: referrals and information on community resources related to care giving, free quarterly newsletter
& Workshops: educational workshops on issues related to care giving
Peer Support:
peer led care giving support groups meet monthly
Food Security:
Shop by Phone Grocery Programs, Assisted Group Shopping
Culturally Specific:
Aboriginal cultural navigators, Success
Language Specific:
Chinese language “Take Care” Handbook

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17.  Vancouver Native Housing
1726 East Hastings Street
David Eddy, CEO
(604) 320-3312 Ext 24

Sheryl White, Tenant Relations Manager
(604) 320-3312  Ext 3

Food Security: hot meal everyday
Vancouver Native Housing Society has 16 buildings and is committed to creating and maintaining safe, decent affordable housing

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18. Vancouver Public Library Outreach Services

Housing Program (604) 568-6895
Care Centre (604) 434-7211

Transportation: Supportive Housing – CASI shuttle bus; Care Centre – facility bus
& Workshops: Supportive Housing – recreation & social programs; Care Centre -recreation programs, family education
Physical Wellness:
Supportive Housing – CASI network; Care Centre – exercise, Tai Chi, yoga, walking programs
Independent Seniors Housing, Supportive Housing, Care Centre

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19.  Vancouver Public Library Outreach Services Branch

302 – 345 Robson Street
(604) 331-4100

Outreach: home delivery of library materials to those with visual and physical impairments, we also provide an audio book service and book deposits to senior’s facilities
& Workshops: Central library and its branches provide 1-1 training on computer basics and searching the internet
Physical Wellness:
health workshops offered at VPL branches
Language Specific:
programming in Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog
Arts Based:
programs in Arts, Music, Dance, Book clubs, Author Readings, Internet, genealogy

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20.  Vancouver Second Mile Society

509 East Hastings Street
Steve Chan, Executive Director
(604) 254-2194

Transportation: medical escorts and out trips
The Neighbourhood Helpers Project – a Seniors Outreach Program in the Downtown Eastside and Downtown South area to connect with seniors and support as many isolated seniors as possible in our catchment areas; The Chinese Outreach Project reaches out to the Chinese seniors in the Downtown Eastsideand Strathcona area
Information & Referral:
information on services such as the medical system, welfare and pensions
& Workshops: staff and volunteers provide coffee, social interaction, support, information and referral services, occasional workshops on safety, health and wellness
Physical Wellness:
bingo, Mah Jong, pool, cards, ping pong at the Downtown Eastside Seniors Centre
Peer Support:
social interaction and support to over 400 seniors every week in Single Room Accommodation hotels and social housing
Food Security:
low cost food available for members at the Downtown Eastside Seniors Centre
Language Specific:
English; Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese
Arts Based:
crafting circle twice a month.
information and referral provided

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21.  Western Institute of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

2125 West 7th Avenue
Susan Masters, Executive Director

Linda Franchi, Employment Services,

(604) 736-7391

Outreach: outreach and provide a mobile program to a care facility
Peer Support:
counseling services available
Language Specific:
translation available in various languages
refer members to BC Housing

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