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  • "My volunteer is a real darling and I love her."
    98 years of age, using service for 2 years.
  • I am very happy with my friendly phone caller volunteer as I don’t go out anymore and look forward to her calls each week.
    Housebound female client
  • I am very happy with both volunteers, my sessions with senior peer counselling are going well and I appreciate now having a friendly visitor on the week-ends as I find the week-ends particularly lonely.
    Female client, 2014
  • "A ninety five year old female expressed her appreciation and gratitude that she is receiving ongoing friendly phone calls and senior peer counseling by volunteers for several years. The volunteers have been a life line for me".
    95 year old female
  • "JSA provided emergency service to a husband and wife who were both legally blind and living in sub-standard conditions. Charles Leibovitch was able to find a volunteer to assist the couple with attending their medical appointments and getting to the food bank."
    Vancouver Senior Citizen

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