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Tzedakah, Wills & Estates

DATE: May 10, 2012
HOST: Congregation Temple Sholom
VENUE:  Congregation Temple Sholom, Vancouver
MODERATOR: Karon Shear on behalf of Edith Shier

Rabbi Bregman
Explained the Jewish concept of one generation taking care of the next, and how this is becoming more difficult in present circumstances. At the same time, we must continue to teach our children, by example, the mitzvah of Tzedaka.

Jack Micner
Estate lawyer

Spoke of the importance of a clearly outlined will, that would ease the passing of a loved one for the heirs. The executor must be a person trusted by all involved. Minimizing the need for probate can also simplify things both financially and time wise.

Robert Magnusson
Public Guardian and Trustee

Explained the difficulties resulting from dying intestate.

Those who attended the sessions indicated they found them to be useful and informative.

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