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The Magic of Laughter

The Magic of Laughter

Once again the JSA brought the community, in partnership with Temple Sholom Seniors, a magical program of laughter. This program was the third in a series of “Laughter and Music: Feeding the Soul.”

The magician Stephen Kaplan delighted the audience of over 100 people with his fabulous energy, delicious sense of humor and charming enthusiasm. He introduced himself as the Maestro of Magic, and as such, he claims, he conducts the Magic that is within us all. Combining interactive entertainment with humor, surprise, excitements and fun is what he loves to do. And believe me – he does it so well.  

The audience was shrieking with laughter and wonder. How did he guess that Heather’s first boyfriend’s name was Peter? How did he guess that Lila was thinking of the city Winnipeg? And how did he guess that the card that Bonny picked was a 7 of Diamond? Did he really guess all that? It doesn’t matter. As a finale he took a section of

the Vancouver Sun, tore it into pieces and within seconds put it back together.

Gyda Chud, his preschool teacher, introduced him beautifully. Was she the one who instilled the charm and magic in him? Stephen made sure that every one of the attendees left the place with a big smile.

The program began with greetings by Bill Gruenthal, Arthur Gutman told some jokes and led the audience in Passover songs, and our beloved Ken Levitt, president of JSA, encouraged people to join the JSA.

Stephen Kaplan has been entertaining people with magic and comedy for over four decades. Please visit his website at

Written by Tamara Frankel
Photography by Alan Katowitz




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