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Entertainment + Humour

  • Youth 2015 הנוער (Ha Noar)

    If you are fascinated by twins you will love this Israeli tragic farce of twin siblings who foolishly take it upon themselves to save their family from financial ruin by kidnapping a girl from a wealthy family as she...

  • Magic Men הבן של אלוהים

    What we have here is a father and son road trip. An elderly Greek- Israeli Holocaust survivor and his Hassidic rapper son embark on a journey to Greece with absurd encounters which ultimately leads them to a final confrontation....

  • The Women’s Balcony 2017 ישמח התני Ismach Hatani

    The Women’s Balcony is a bravura performance by an ensemble of actors who radiate warmth and generate empathy from the audience. It was written by Shlomit Nehama and directed by Emil Ben-Shimon. The Women’s Balcony is an eccentric portrait...

  • Sand Storm סופת חול 2016 (Sufat Chol)

    Elite Zexer, the Israeli first-time director of Sand Storm, uses her filmmaking skills to create an intense family and social drama reflecting the opposing forces of Bedouin tradition and Israeli modernity in a village in the Negev desert. The...

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