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First call of Information-Referral

A first entry phone call manned by trained staff who have access to a comprehensive computer database which contains information and referral numbers to all agencies, as they might pertain to the immediate needs of seniors or their families in crisis e.g. hospitals, food banks, etc.

JSA is in the process of developing this service, which is available to seniors to call for any information that they deem necessary as well as to be referred through the services, Jewish and non-Jewish in the community that could be available to them. This information can be available in several languages.

JSA staff will be trained to actively respond to those phone calls. JSA is developing a specialized computer program, which will facilitate accurate response to these calls.

JSA plans include training volunteer seniors to assist in this area.

All of the above initiatives provide a direct service, not currently available elsewhere and are designed to uplift the spirits of seniors through connection and the fundamental need we all have for belonging.

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