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This program involves especially trained senior volunteers to make regularly scheduled visits to seniors that are shut-in, frail or socially isolated. The purpose is to provide time for conversation and enjoyment. Although the majority of visits take place in clients’ homes the mentorship component of the service may involve outings and take place in the community.

A secondary function of the home visits may be to monitor the older person’s living condition and general well-being. If necessary to discuss with the clients different assistance options. The Friendly Home visiting volunteer and the client are carefully matched by the service coordinator.
These specifically trained volunteers do not provide peer counselling services. The home visits have a social nature. The volunteer and client spend a leisurely time together; they may play games, converse, go for a walk or attend a community event. The home visitors’ services are about companionship, mentorship and support.

Bereavement Support Group:

Healing after a loss is often a long and difficult journey. In order to ease the heart-wrenching pain felt by mourners JSA offers a group that supports people experiencing the grief that follows the death of a loved one. As with other JSA services the groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and are free of charge.

Peer Services programs are unique as JSA makes every effort to not in any shape or form duplicate already existing community services.

JSA Peer Services are designed to uplift the spirits of seniors through connection and the fundamental need we all have for belonging.

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